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DiMaggio is an Italian surname. Notable people with this name include:

  • Three American-born brothers who all played in Major League Baseball as center fielders:
    • Dom DiMaggio (1917–2009), Boston Red Sox (1940 to 1953)
    • Joe DiMaggio (1914–1999), New York Yankees (1936 to 1951), elected to the Hall of Fame
    • Vince DiMaggio (1912–1986), several teams (1937 to 1946)
  • John DiMaggio (born 1968), American voice actor
  • Joseph DiMaggio, American hairdresser
  • Paul DiMaggio (born 1951), professor of sociology at Princeton University
  • Peter DiMaggio, American engineer
  • Robin DiMaggio (born 1971), American drummer/percussionist

See also[edit]

  • 3767 DiMaggio, a main-belt asteroid
  • Di Maggio's, a chain of Italian restaurants in Glasgow, Scotland