Dina Melicov

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Dina Melicov
Archives of American Art - Dina Melicov - 2892.jpg
Dina Melicov, from the Archives of American Art
Born 1905 (1905)
Died 1969 (aged 63–64)
Nationality American
Field Sculpture

Dina Melicov (1905–1969) was an American sculptor, and painter who studied at The Educational Alliance Art School.[1] She graduated from Wadleigh High School for Girls, and studied with Solon Borglum. She married Samuel Gould.[2]

Dina Melicov was a member of the Sculptors Guild.[3] She worked for the Federal Art Project. Her works include a 1942 statue of Dr. Joseph Priestley, sculpted of red mahogany, located at the Northumberland, Pennsylvania Post Office[4] and Head of a Child for Public School 216 in New York City.[5][6]

Her papers are held at the Archives of American Art (AAA), with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.[7]


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