District of Columbia Democratic primary, 2004

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The 2004 District of Columbia primary was held on January 13, 2004 a week before the Iowa caucuses. Early favorite Howard Dean won the primary. Polling 2 months before had him leading civil rights activist Al Sharpton 45% to 11%. Then his poll numbers went down considerably, to 27% to 5%. The other candidates, John Kerry, John Edwards, Wesley Clark, Dick Gephardt and Joe Lieberman, were not on the ballot. Dean benefited from the endorsement of popular councilman Jack Evans. Following the primary, Carol Moseley Braun dropped out of the race and endorsed Dean.


Candidate No. State Delegates Percentage Potential National delegates
Howard Dean 17,736 42.70 -
Al Sharpton 14,248 34.30 -
Carol Moseley Braun 4,824 11.61 -
Dennis Kucinich 3,435 8.27 -