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Doha is the capital city of Qatar.

Doha may also refer to:

  • Doha, Iran, a village in Isfahan Province, Iran
  • Doha, Kuwait, a town located in the Al Jahra governorate of Kuwait
  • Doha Stadium, a football stadium in Sakhnin, Israel
  • Doha Sports City, Qatar
  • Doha (poetry), a style of Hindi-Urdu poetry
  • Doha Declaration, an agreement adopted by the World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference of 2001 in Doha, Qatar concerning intellectual property rights to medicines
  • Doha Development Round, a set of World Trade Organization talks that began in 2001 in Doha, Qatar
  • Doha Amendment, a 2012 amendment to the Kyoto Protocol
  • Agony of Doha, (ドーハの悲劇, 도하의 기적), a term used to refer to Japan's qualification match for 1994 FIFA World Cup with Iraq, held in Doha in 1993


  • Abu Doha, Algerian al Qaeda suspect who is alleged to have ties to various millennium bomb plots
  • Doha Kang, South Korean manhwa artist

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