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Dolores Erickson (born in 1937 in Seattle, Washington) is a model and artist. She came to prominence by appearing as a model on a number of album covers, most notably Whipped Cream & Other Delights (1965) by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.


Erickson started her modeling career in 1952 at the age of 15 by going with a friend to a modeling contest for a department store, Frederick & Nelson in Seattle. While there with her friend, the fashion coordinator of the store asked Erickson to compete as well. This led her to additional modeling work and a few beauty pageants, including being voted "Miss Longshoreman" in Seattle for Seafair.

Erickson started college at the University of Washington, but while on a vacation to San Francisco, she applied for a job as a model for Macy's. She decided to leave school and model as a career.

Erickson later became a model with the Ford Modeling Agency doing photo shoots for fashion layouts and cosmetics companies such as Max Factor. She appeared on album covers for artists such as The Kingston Trio (Sold Out),[1] Cy Coleman (Piano Witchcraft), Nat King Cole (The Touch of Your Lips), and The Sandpipers (Guantanamera).[2]

Whipped Cream & Other Delights[edit]

Erickson had known Herb Alpert long before Whipped Cream and watched part of the recording of The Lonely Bull album in Alpert's garage in 1962. Erickson and Alpert were members of a group of friends that included art director Peter Whorf.

Alpert and Jerry Moss, his business partner in A&M Records, were originally not impressed with the sketches of the cover, but they agreed to it. The photo shoot was done in one afternoon, with Erickson covered with shaving cream and a dollop of shaving cream on her head. Erickson was three months pregnant at the time of the photo shoot, which could have increased her bust size, although she felt that there had been no visible change. As the shoot progressed, the shaving cream began to slide down her breasts slightly. Whorf had taken a couple pictures of this and sent the proofs, along with numerous other shots, to Erickson for her portfolio.[2] When she saw the more risqué pictures, she took them over to a girlfriend's house and hid them behind her refrigerator, because she didn't want her husband to find them.[3] Initially, Alpert felt an image like that "was maybe pushing it a little too far ... I thought the censors would be down on it. But in 2006 it looks pretty darn tame.”[4]

Later years[edit]

Starting in 1979, Erickson went on to do more modeling, returned to school for art, and eventually opened her own art studio. She later closed the studio to paint full time.[5]

Erickson has been divorced twice. She was last married to attorney Robert Hufthines. She has one son, Brett. She currently resides in Kelso, Washington.