Don't Get Done, Get Dom

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Don't Get Done, Get Dom
Genre Consumer rights
Investigative journalism
Developed by Flame Television
Directed by Bill Bailey
Christina Nutter
Carrie Preston
Claire Richmond
Presented by Dominic Littlewood
Theme music composer Barrie Bignold
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of series 8
No. of episodes 130
Executive producer(s) Matthew Gordon
Jacqueline Hewer
Producer(s) Lydia Arding
Claire Featherstone
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel BBC One
Original run 12 June 2006 – present
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Don't Get Done, Get Dom is a British consumer rights television series.[1] The show is named for its presenter Dominic (Dom) Littlewood. Each series is transmitted, usually daily during daytime,[2] on BBC One and repeated on BBC Two in the UK.

Series eight began on 31 March 2014.[3]


The show also helps people who have been treated unfairly to get deals or refunds on products or services. Examples from the series are people who have had their wedding holiday spoilt by the company they booked with, and someone being overcharged by their mobile phone provider. Littlewood explores the gaps in regulation that allowed this injustice to happen.[citation needed]

Littlewood also deals with complaints to companies for matters such as excessive utility bills. In many cases customers receive a refund or prices are reduced to correct values.

There is a segment on the show dealing with what people know about their consumer rights and giving out tips on how to get best value for money.

During previous versions of the show, a member of the public was"tutored" into getting a better deal on a product which they are attempting to buy; typically giving them more confidence in talking to and making deals with the store assistants and managers. Examples from the series are people purchasing video cameras and sports gear.

This is achieved by Littlewood seeing camera footage of a first attempt, and giving them pointers. After this they try another shop but this time Littlewood can communicate to the member of the public by means of a hidden earpiece.

There was also previously a section where Littlewood attempts to save a shopper he meets in the street money by haggling the deal himself.


Original Series[edit]

Series Start date End date Episodes
1 12 June 2006 23 June 2006 10
2 19 March 2007 13 July 2007 20
3 2 June 2008 27 June 2008 20
4 24 May 2010 4 June 2010 10
5 25 April 2011 16 May 2011 15
6 9 April 2012 27 April 2012 15
7 15 April 2013 4 September 2013 20
8 31 March 2014 18 April 2014 20

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