Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre

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Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre
Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre.jpg
Location Berrimah, Northern Territory
Coordinates 12°26′59″S 130°56′41″E / 12.44972°S 130.94472°E / -12.44972; 130.94472Coordinates: 12°26′59″S 130°56′41″E / 12.44972°S 130.94472°E / -12.44972; 130.94472
Status Operational
Security class Maximum, for juvenile males and females
Capacity 38
Opened November 1991[1]
Managed by Northern Territory Correctional Services

The Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre, an Australian maximum security prison for juvenile males and females, is located in Berrimah, Northern Territory, Australia.


The centre is the main facility for the detention of juveniles within the Northern Territory and operates a structured program of behavioural and case management in support of offender rehabilitation that includes post release options.[2]

In 2001, Xzibit, a US rapper, visited the centre and talked to inmates about his life experiences, following being detained in a juvenile detention centre as a 14-year-old.[3]

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