Dorset Collegiate

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Not to be confused with Dorset College. ‹See Tfd›
Dorset Collegiate
Pilley's Island
Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
School type High school
Established 1977
School district Nova Central
Grades 10-12
Athletics Badminton
Ball hockey
Alumni Jonah Winsor
Courtney Woodford

Dorset Collegiate (officially called Dorset Collegiate High School) is a school in Pilley's Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.[1] The school is in Division B of the 3A Provincial Slo-Pitch Tournament[2] and Division A of the 3A Boys Volleyball Provincials.[3] The school also participates in the annual Under 14/16/19 Atlantic Team Qualifier badminton tournament[4] and the 3A Ball Hockey Tournament.[5] In 1978, Dorset Collegiate participated in a student exchange program with Riverdale High School in Montreal, Quebec.[6] In 2008, Dorset Collegiate hosted the annual review of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets.[7] In 2009, Courtney Woodford, a Dorset Collegiate student, won the Miss Talent title at the Miss Teen Newfoundland & Labrador Pageant.[8] The school's 2009 graduation ceremonies were cancelled due to the death of Jonah Winsor, the captain of the school's hockey team.[9] Winsor died in a single-vehicle accident near the school.[10] He was driving a Kawasaki motorcycle at the time.[11]


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