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DNN Corp.
Founded San Mateo, California (2006)
Key people
Navin Nagiah, CEO
Shaun Walker, Co-Founder and Chief Architect
Bob Cortale, Chief Revenue Officer
Products Evoq Content
Evoq Social
DNN Store
Number of employees

DNN Corp. (formerly "DotNetNuke Corporation") is the steward of the DotNetNuke open source project, the most widely adopted web content management system (CMS) and application development framework for building web sites and web applications on Microsoft .NET.[2] Organizations use DotNetNuke to quickly develop and deploy interactive and dynamic web sites, intranets, extranets and web applications.

Company overview[edit]

DNN Corp. was founded in 2006 by the leadership of the DotNetNuke open source project - Shaun Walker, Nik Kalyani, Joe Brinkman and Scott Willhite. In November 2008 the company raised Series A financing from Sierra Ventures and August Capital. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California. In February 2009 the company launched the first commercial version of the DotNetNuke framework, the DotNetNuke Professional Edition, for critical web applications.

The company's main product is the DotNetNuke Web Content Management Platform which is available in both a free Community and subscription-based Professional and Enterprise Editions. DNN Corp. also operates the DNN Store[3] where users purchase third-party modules and skins for the DotNetNuke platform.

Key people[edit]

The Board of Directors of DNN Corp includes:[4]

The leadership team consists of experienced open source and business entrepreneurs:[5]

Additional information[edit]

The official website is located at A LinkedIn company profile page is available at


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