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Dragon Hunters
French theatrical poster
French theatrical release poster
Directed by Guillaume Ivernel
Arthur Qwak
Produced by Philippe Delarue
Tilo Seiffert
Written by Frédéric Engel-Lenoir
Arthur Qwak
Based on Dragon Hunters
by Arthur Qwak
Starring Vincent Lindon
Patrick Timsit
Marie Drion
Music by Klaus Badelt
Cinematography Arthur Qwak
Edited by Soline Guyonneau
Distributed by Futurikon
Bac Films
Icon Productions
Universum Film (UFA)
Release dates
  • 20 March 2008 (2008-03-20) (Russia and New Zealand)
  • 26 March 2008 (2008-03-26) (France)
Running time
80 minutes
Country France
Language French
Budget €11,000,000
Box office $12,224,450[1]

Dragon Hunters (French: Chasseurs de dragons) is a 2008 French-German-Luxembourgish 3D computer-animated adventure action fantasy family film, written by Frédéric Engel-Lenoir, directed by creator Arthur Qwak and Guillaume Ivernel and produced by Philippe Delarue and Tilo Seiffert. It stars the voices of Vincent Lindon, Patrick Timsit and Marie Drion. The film was produced by Futurikon, and co-produced by LuxAnimation, Mac Guff Ligne and Trixter. It is based on the Dragon Hunters TV series. It was released on March 26, 2008 in France and on March 20, 2008 in Russia and New Zealand. The French title for the film is called Chasseurs de dragons only in France. It was also distributed by Icon Productions and Bac Films. The music for the film was composed by Klaus Badelt.


Lord Arnold wants to find knights to destroy the World Gobbler, a powerful dragon which awakens every twenty years and causes great destruction. His grandniece, Zoe, is a child fascinated with fairy tale knights, especially the Silver Knight Gothik, and upon hearing her uncle's distress, flees the castle in search of him. Eventually Zoe is attacked by a pair of dragons, and Lian-Chu, a roving dragon hunter, rescues her, leading Zoe to think that Lian-Chu is a knight. Gwizdo, the leader of the group convinces Lian-Chu to pretend to be a knight when they hear that Zoe's uncle is rich, thus enabling them to fulfill their dream of someday owning a farm. They decide to go to the castle, whereupon the blind Lord approves Lian-Chu's bid as a knight, and briefs him on the World Gobbler. Their mission is to stop the World Gobbler from destroying their world.

Gwizdo and his friends set off to the end of the world where the dragon`s ancient lair is, among the ruins of already dead cities. They find that the "World Gobbler" is a skeletal dragon which Zoe had seen in her nightmares. Lian-Chu battles with the dragon, but hides when he realizes he is no match for it. The dragon in turn tries to eat Gwizdo, Zoe, and Hector. Just when the dragon is about to eat his friends and they desperately call him, Lian-Chu has a flashback of making a childhood promise to slay the dragon when it destroyed his home village. Lian-Chu regains his courage and throws his two knitting needles into the only vulnerable part of the dragon, the eyes. The World Gobbler agonizes and dies, and with a blinding flash the world of ruins and the growing darkness is transformed into a world of green fields. The Lord is also cured, but goes back on his promise to reward Gwizdo and Lian-Chu. Zoe leaves her uncle to live with her heroes. She takes some of her uncle's money and gives it to Gwizdo and Lian-Chu for their future journeys and their home.


Character French Voice Actor English Voice Actor Hungarian Voice Actor
Gwizdo Patrick Timsit Rob Paulsen László Görög
Lian-Chu Vincent Lindon Forest Whitaker István Hajdu (Steve)
Zoé Marie Drion Mary Mouser Lilla Hermann
Lord Arnold Philippe Nahon Nick Jameson Gábor Reviczky
Gildas Amanda Lear Jess Harnell László Tahi Tóth
Hector Jeremy Prevost Dave Wittenberg
Mamular Jean-Marc Lentretien

Main characters[edit]

Gwizdo is the brains of the group, and negotiates their contracts with the helpless people terrorized by dragons. He has a gap in his teeth. He speaks with a New York or New Jersey accent. He and Lian-Chu have known each other since childhood, and were raised together in an orphanage called Mother Hubbard's Farm. He is a coward and swindler at heart, but shows his good side occasionally. He is the one who can read, write and count at the inn, therefore depend on it for business and contracts. He also flies their airship, the St. George, and wears a pilot's cap and goggles. English voice: Rick Jones (series), Rob Paulsen (movie) Lian-Chu is a sword-wielding, muscle-bound warrior who actually deals out the dragon slaying. In contrast to Gwizdo, he is more kindhearted and honorable. He is also an avid knitter. In the episode "Farewell Lian Chu", it is revealed that his parents were killed by a dragon because his uncle did not give notice to the people when the dragon was on his way to the village. He only knows how to count to 10 and can not read and thus depends on Gwizdo for this. English voice: Harry Standjofski (series), Forest Whitaker (movie) Hector is their pet dragon who does not possess the evil nature or the great size of the ones they hunt and acts like a dog. With his fur and ears he seems to be based on a variation of Asian dragon (similar to Falkor the Luck Dragon in The Neverending Story). His hobbies are eating and picking on other animals such as chickens or sheep. While Gwizdo is the pilot of the St. George, Hector is required to pedal for the propeller, a task he is not fond of. He speaks with a mixture of grunts and pidgin English. English voice: Rick Jones (series), Dave Wittenberg (movie) Zoria is Jennyline's oldest daughter, and is an accomplished dragon hunter in her own right. Like Zaza, she was inspired by Gwizdo and Lian Chu at a young age, and trained with them to learn the moves and arts of the business. She is not a resident of the inn and makes few appearances, but is well known by the main characters. A victim of sexism, she has donned a male disguise in some parts to get more bounties. In Season 2, she is revealed to be Zoe from the movie.


The world has become a vast conglomerate of islands of varying size and shape. This babbling universe is mainly populated with ruthless rogues, surly peasants and illiterate, petty lords. Their main concerns revolve around two fundamental rules: Eat and don't get eaten. For this new world has become infested with a terrible plague: omnipresent, monstrously famished, mutant creatures, are wreaking havoc - They are known as the Dragons. Gwizdo and Lian-Chu are two dragon hunters, but are a long way from being among the best. Their only real talents: the size of the hulking brute with the heart of gold, Lian-Chu, and Gwizdo's talent for scams of all and any shape or form. Their sole ambition: to buy a little farm where they can relax and raise mussels, a creature that is a lot less unpleasant and difficult to hunt down than dragons. A few islands away rises the fortress of Lord Arnold. Arnold has a problem: he's living in terror at the thought of the return of World Eater, that horrible dragon that returns every thirty seasons to spread terror and destruction. Nobody has been able to conquer him. In fact nobody's ever returned alive to spread the news of how the fight went. Zoe, the grand-niece of the lord, has decided to take matters in hand, and has met Gwizdo and Lian-Chu. Persuaded that she has found the heroes of her dreams, she is going to drag them into the maddest of adventures.


Box office[edit]

The box office for the film is $12,224,450.


Directed by Guillaume Ivernel (also Art Director) and Arthur Qwak, producer by Philippe Delarue (Futurikon), a full-length computer-animated 3D movie was made by Mac Guff Ligne Paris, Futurikon and Trixter Film GmbH. The film is presented in a different timeline, with Gwizdo, Lian Chu and Hector as roving travelers, and Zoe replacing the roles of Jennyline and Zaza. A four-minute teaser was shown in Annecy Animation Festival and the Film Market of Cannes in 2007. It premiered on March 19, 2008 in Russia ([1]), and on March 26 in Belgium and France, and premiered 2010 in Mexico. It premiered on April 5, 2008 in the United States as part of the Sarasota Film Festival. Rob Paulsen confirmed at a convention interview that he and Forest Whitaker will respectively be voicing Gwizdo and Lian Chu.


The music for the film was composed by Klaus Badelt and a song for the film is called "Lotus" and it is performed by Jalan Jalan.


An English dubbed version starring the voices of Forest Whitaker, Rob Paulsen and Mary Mouser was released in the United States on 5 April 2008.

Home media[edit]

Dragon Hunters was released on DVD on November 5, 2008 in France by Warner Home Video.

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