Duck (film)

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Duck film poster.jpg
Movie poster for Duck
Directed by Nic Bettauer
Produced by Nic Bettauer
Domini Hofmann
Written by Nic Bettauer
Starring Philip Baker Hall
Bill Brochtrup
Amy Hill
Distributed by Right Brained Releasing
Release dates
Running time
98 min
Language English

Duck is a 2005 film by director/writer/producer Nic Bettauer. The film is essentially a dystopian view of the near then-future (2009).


Duck received generally mixed or negative reviews from critics. Gary Goldstein at rated it 1.5 stars, saying "Duck is a turkey" and "Bettauer's made a tedious, groan-worthy picture notable only for the bigger issues it attempts—and fails—to successfully explore than for any real entertainment value."[1] The New York Times said "it tries too hard" and "ducks aren't all that endearing".[2] Mark Feeney in the Boston Globe said that Bettauer "strikes a very uneasy balance" between playing for tears or laughs.[3]



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