Durga Mandir

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Not to be confused with Durga Mandir, Varanasi.
Durga Mandir
Older Durga Temple - Banaras.jpg
Proper name Durga Mandir
Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
Location Varanasi
Primary deity Durga
Architectural styles Mandir
History and governance
Date built About 500 years ago

The Durga Mandir (Temple) is situated in Ramnagar of Banaras (or Varanasi).[1] It is believed that it was built 500 years ago which is under control of royal family of Banaras State currently. This temple is devoted to Hindu deity Durga. The temple has a large stone built pond with it. The Durga Mandir boasts of its fine stone works, which is a fabulous example of north Indian stone work arts.

There is another Durga temple, within the Varanasi city, built in the 18th century overlooking a pond known as Durga Kund. [2]

Temple Structure[edit]

The temple is based on square shape. It has a square campus. The main building of temple is built of a square shaped stage. The shape of building is also square. The stage of the temple contains rooms in it, which are used for temple's staff purposes and sometimes, for Yagya. The campus is a green campus with trees and plants. Visitor can walk around the main temple building in the campus. It's useful since, some worshippers walk around the building of temples for religious reasons in Hinduism.

The temple has a huge square pond in front of it. The pond is with stone stairs in all sides and four watch pillars on each corner. There is a shade made of stone also at one side of the pond.

The stone work on the walls of temple building also emphasizes the square shape. The temple wall has designs built in square shaped blocks and ornamental scrawls.

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