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E.F. Band was a Swedish band that sometimes were mixed up with the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement, even though they were Swedish. The band formed in 1979 by Pär Ericsson and Bengt Fischer, two former members of the progressive rock band Epizootic. The "E.F." portion of the band's name was derived from the first letter of Ericsson and Fischer's last names. The band hired drummer Dave Dufort, who had played with Mike Oldfield and Screaming Lord Sutch and thus completed the trio. Dufort left the band before the release of their first full-length album and was replaced by drummer Dag Eliason, thereby making the band an entirely-Swedish trio. John Rich joined as lead vocalist in 1982 and featured on the second album Deep Cut. London-based Roger Marsden (ex Deep Machine, Angel Witch) replaced Rich in 1983 and sang on the band's third album One Night Stand. E.F. Band broke up in 1986.[1]



  • Night Angel 7" (contains "Night Angel" and "Another Day Gone") (1979)
  • Self Made Suicide 7" (contains "Self Made Suicide" and "Sister Syne") (1979)
  • Devils Eye 7" (contains "Devils Eye" and "Comprende") (1980)


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