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Johnson on a Big Johnson t-shirt

E. Normus Johnson is fictional character who is the subject (and thus the voice) of Big Johnson T-shirts. Each shirt has a caption and image that plays on the phallic slang meaning of the term Johnson using double entendres. E. Normus is always the main character of the image and is a popular part of American counterculture.

E. Normus Johnson is depicted as a scrawny, freckle-faced, bespectacled, red-haired geek.[1] He is described as "a geekier version of MAD magazine's Alfred E. Neuman" by brandchannel.[2] He is known for his nerdiness and his unconfirmed claims of gargantuan physical endowment.[3] Created in 1988 or 1989, depending on the source, he had appeared in 120 cartoon depictions by novelty t-shirt designers Maryland Screenprinters in their primary business line of Big Johnson T-shirts by 1995.[1][3] In 2009, MBM celebrated 20 years of Big Johnson apparel.[4] The cartoons are all juvenile humor that allude to male genitalia without ever mentioning it by using the double entendre of the Big Johnson name. Using no nudity most t-shirts depict the mascot with a caption containing a clever pun.[2] Most of the comic art includes buxom adoring women accompanying E. Normus.[3] Examples of the puns accompanying artistic depictions of E.Normus are "Big Johnson Fire Department: Break out your hose and pumper", "Big Johnson Fishing Gear: She’ll be ready to bite as soon as your fly drops", "Big Johnson Bar and Casino: Liquor up front. Poker in the rear", and "Big Johnson Tattoo Parlor: You’re going to feel more than a little prick".[2] Johnson is the work of Maryland Screenprinters' artist Al Via.[2] The common themes of the captions depict the target market as firefighters, NASCAR fanatics, hunters, anglers, car buffs and, apparently, Southerners.[2]


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