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For the Adult Swim television series of the same name, see Eagleheart (TV series).
Single by Stratovarius
from the album Elements, Pt. 1
Released 25 November 2002
Format Single, vinyl
Length 3:50
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer(s) Timo Tolkki
Stratovarius singles chronology
"A Million Light Years Away"
"I Walk to My Own Song"

"Eagleheart" is Stratovarius's thirteenth single released in 2002 through Nuclear Blast. The title track comes from the album Elements, Pt. 1.

Track listing[edit]

All music composed by Timo Tolkki.

No. Title Lyrics Length
1. "Eagleheart"   Tolkki, Kotipelto 3:50
2. "Run Away"   Tolkki 4:54
3. "Eagleheart (Demo Version)"   Tolkki, Kotipelto 3:30



The artwork for Eagleheart was parodied in the third season of the eponymous US television series which is otherwise unrelated to the song. The third season is subtitled Paradise Rising in reference to the title of a triple album of progressive rock music featured in the seventh episode, "Quint". The fictional artwork for Paradise Rising, credited either to Dreamprism or to The Quint Cussler Experience strikes a strong resemblance with the one of "Eagleheart".

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