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Industry Automotive
Founded 2006
Founder(s) Daniel Todary, Jonathan Broom
Headquarters Greater London, England
Area served Greater London
Services Minicab

Ecoigo is an environmentally conscious London-based company, which offers corporate taxicab, chauffeur and private hire in the United Kingdom.[1]

In April 2014 Ecoigo went into administration and was bought by WestOne Cars, which is owned by Addison Lee.[2][3]

The Company[edit]

Co-founders Daniel Todary and Jonathan Broom set up Ecoigo in April 2006 as the ecologically sustainable alternative[4] to pollution caused by public and private transport in central London.[5] Ecoigo offer transport for individuals[6] and businesses [7] working towards zero emission transport across the capital.[8] They are licensed by the Public Carriage Office, a division of the Mayor of London’s office responsible for taxis, cabs and private hire in London.[9]

Environmental Sustainability[edit]

The Toyota Prius is the world's top selling hybrid car,[10] with cumulative global sales of 2.36 million units by August 2011.[11]

Ecoigo engage in programmes of carbon offset as a means of promoting environmental sustainability. The company is partnered with The World Land Trust in promoting 'carbon positive' initiatives [12] such as rainforest rescue to protect some of the world’s most bio-diverse ecosystems.

In 2007, environmental policy coordinator Pete Wilkinson- co-founder of Greenpeace UK and Friends of the Earth, joined ecoigo. Pete Wilkinson is known for leading Greenpeace’s Antarctic expeditions, securing World Park Base status and declaring Antarctica off limits to mineral exploitation until 2041. He now focuses all his attention on environmental consultation, advises government and the nuclear regulators, as well as leading ecoigo’s environmental consultation team[13]

Fleet and Operations[edit]

Ecoigo exclusively use all-black Toyota Prius saloon cars, a hybrid hatchback developed and manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation, as part of their London fleet.[14] The Toyota Prius has been rated as one of the cleanest vehicles sold around the world based on smog forming and toxic emissions.[15] With a 5 Star Euro NCAP safety rating and lower emissions than any car in its class, 40% lower than European standards for 2005, and with 87% fewer smog forming particles than an average new petrol only car,[16] it has been calculated that each Prius with carbon dioxide emissions at 89g/km, saves well over a tonne of CO2 a year compared to a normal petrol only car (181g/km), let alone a people carrier or a black taxi (243g/km).[17]

Wi-Fi enabled Cars[edit]

Ecoigo have equipped their 150 car fleet with wireless Internet. This will allow customers to use Wi-Fi inside the vehicle throughout their journey. So now, customers are not only traveling Green but they also stay connected. This is indicative of the company’s allegiance to digital innovation, in their efforts to making London one of the few Green cities in the world with Wi-Fi enabled cabs.

The Low Emission Zone[edit]

Sign warning drivers that they are in the Low Emission Zone

The United Kingdom has some of the worst air pollution in Europe which in London has been rising steadily year on year since 1980.[18] In 2005-6 almost all road and curbside monitoring sites across greater London exceeded the annual average limits for nitrogen dioxide of 40 μgm-3. Transport for London has stated that since 2007 there were an estimated 1,000 premature deaths and a further 1,000 hospital admissions annually, due to poor air quality.[19]

Towards the end of 2006, Ken Livingstone proposed changing the Congestion Charge fee, from being a flat rate for all qualifying vehicles, to being based on CO2 Exhaust emission bands. Certain categories of vehicle, including electric and hybrid vehicles, are already exempt from the charge.[20] Boris Johnson, the current Mayor of London, has been urged to enforce a Low Emissions Zone in the capital during summer 2012 after EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik issued a “second and final written warning” to lower pollution levels in central London or face a legal challenge in the European Court of Justice and a potential fine of up to £300m.[21] The objective of the new scheme is to help London meet its European Union air pollution obligations - specifically the EU Air Quality Framework Directive as part of the Mayor's programme to make London the greenest city in the world.

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