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Edelgard Elspeth Mahant is a Canadian academic, who teaches political science at York University's Glendon College in Toronto, Ontario and University of Botswana.[1][2] She is also member of Glendon Research Group in Public and International Affairs.[3]

She formerly taught at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, where she was also the Ontario Liberal Party candidate in the electoral district of Sudbury East in the 1985 provincial election.[citation needed]


She completed her studies at the Universities of British Columbia (BA) and Toronto (MA) and obtained her PhD at the London School of Economics and Political Science with a thesis titled “French and German Attitudes to the Establishment of the European Economic Community, 1955-1957”.[1][2]

Areas of expertise[edit]

Mahant is specialized in foreign policy, including the politics of the European Union, Free trade and International Relations.

She has cowritten two major books on Canada-United States relations with historian Graeme S. Mount:

  • An introduction to Canadian-American relations Graeme S. Mount, Edelgard E. Mahant. Methuen, London 1984 ISBN 0-458-97190-1
  • Invisible and inaudible in Washington: American policies toward Canada Graeme S. Mount, Edelgard E. Mahant. UBC Press, Vancouver 1999 ISBN 0-7748-0703-2

Other publications
Mahant is also author of several books and publications:[1][3]

  • Free trade in American-Canadian relations Edelgard E. Mahant. Krieger 1993 ISBN 0-89464-522-6
  • Birthmarks of Europe: the origins of the European Community reconsidered Edelgard E. Mahant. Ashgate 2004 ISBN 0-7546-1487-5
  • Mahant, E.E. “Mirror on the Wall: Who Is the Most European of Us All?” Journal of European Integration, vol.32:2 (2010), pp. 229–236
  • Mahant, E.E. and R.P. Mahant. “Artisanal Mining in Tanzania” The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability vol.5:6 (2009), pp. 161–188
  • Mahant, E.E. “The Franco-German Couple and the British Paramour” in Chrtistian Philip et al., eds. Mélanges Soldatos. Brussels: Bruylant, (forthcoming)
  • Mahant, E.E. “Regional Economic Integration – Bringing Values In” in C. Paraskevopoulos, A.A. Kintis & A.J. Kondonassis, eds. Globalization and the Political Economy of Trade Policy, Toronto: APF Press, 2001, pp. 45–77.
  • Mahant, E.E. and X. de Vanssay. “Preferential Trading Arrangements” in C. Paraskevopoulos, R. Grinspun and G. Eatons, eds., Economic Integration in the Americas, Brookfield: Edward Elgar, 1996, pp. 169–181.
  • X. de Vanssay and E.E. Mahant. “Three’s Company and Fifteen’s a Union: the Comparative Political Economy of NAFTA and the European Union. Integration or Liberalisation?” in Till Geiger and Dennis Kennedy, eds., Regional Trade Blocs, Multilateralism and the GATT, London: Pinter 1996, pp. 131–155.


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