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El Guapo (Spanish for "The Handsome One") may refer to:



  • El Guapo, the nickname for former major league baseball player Rich Garcés
  • El Guapo, the nickname for current San Francisco 49ers and former Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde
  • El Guapo, the nickname of Dutch mixed martial arts fighter and commentator Bas Rutten

Art, media, and entertainment[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • El Guapo (comics), a comic book character and a member of the superhero team X-Statix
  • El Guapo, the chief villain in the comedy film ¡Three Amigos!(1986), played by Alfonso Arau
  • El Guapo, the former online gaming persona of Sylvester Dodd, played by Ari Stidham, in the 2014 television Series Scorpion


  • Guapo (band), a British art rock band
  • El Guapo, a Washington, D.C.–based indie-rock band, now known as Supersystem

Other uses[edit]

  • El Guapo, agave style IPA from O'Connor Brewing Company in Norfolk, VA