Elanora State High School

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Elanora State High School
Elanora State High School (logo).JPG
Aim to Excel
Elanora, Queensland
Coordinates 28°07′47″S 153°26′57″E / 28.1297°S 153.4493°E / -28.1297; 153.4493Coordinates: 28°07′47″S 153°26′57″E / 28.1297°S 153.4493°E / -28.1297; 153.4493
Type Secondary
Established 1990
Principal Cameron Hodges
Deputy Principals Kym Dickinson, Shirley Booth
Grades 8 - 12
Number of students ~750
Color(s) Jade, Navy Blue

Elanora State High School is the high school serving the Elanora area of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Founded in 1990, it currently has a student body of 950.

Changes to the curriculum[edit]

Major changes to the school curriculum took place in 2007. The first alteration was placing the tenth grade into the Senior School. All students in the tenth grade are required to wear the senior school uniform and complete "transitional" classes designed to bridge the gap between Junior and Senior schooling. At the beginning of 2007, the school adopted the Education Queensland's "Learning or Earning" initiative and set up a special schooling system for Year 11 and 12 students. On Monday, the Year 11 and 12 students do not attend school and either use the day to endeavor in vocational educations (i.e. school-based trainee ships and apprenticeships) or to study Senior classes.

In May 2011 the 'Academy' curriculum was introduced to the school. It was introduced as a new look for the school. There is 4 Academies; Culture & The Arts, Science & Engineering, Sport Health & Fitness and Business & industries. These are divided into the Junior and Senior phases of the school. Each Academy is host to wide array of subjects. Math and English which are 'common' subjects are included in the new Academy curriculum, Math being under the Science & Engineering Academy and English as a subject which is used throughout all 4 of the Academies.

Sport department[edit]

Elanora is quite notable[citation needed] for promoting urban sports such as parkour, a recent successor, Clint Hamilton Carroll (Clinton), showed great success in the South Coast Urban Free Running Competition, coming 8th of 13 competitors..

Music department[edit]

Elanora SHS is a school that promotes music. Every year there are several Battle of the Bands competitions that draw crowds and money into the Arts Department. Guitar lessons also available to students. Elanora SHS also competes in the QLD Rock Eisteddfod Challenge to a high standard, being seven time finalists.[1] The school offers free lesson and instrument hire to all students attending the school. There is also a school band that rehearses in the after-noon after school, as well as a string ensemble that performs at many events including school functions and gallery's at the Gold Coast Art Center.

Notable people[edit]

Operator Please are a band that originally came from Elanora High. Members having attended Elanora high include Amandah Wilkinson, Ashley McConnell, Timothy Commandeur, and ex-member Sarah Gardiner. The band is touring the UK, Europe and the US at the moment, and have a Top 20 ARIA Chart hit "Just a Song About Ping Pong" off their forthcoming album "Yes Yes Vindictive". The band recently won 'Best Pop Release' ARIA for their single "Just a Song About Ping Pong". Currently, they are touring Australia for their National tour of 'Gloves Off'.

Dane Lovett is a contemporary artist currently based in Brisbane, Queensland. A notable event in his career was the creation of the artwork for Eskimo Joe's album, Black Fingernails, Red Wine, and subsequent singles. He was nominated for Best Cover Art in the ARIA Music Awards of 2006 for his work on Black Fingernails, Red Wine.

Australian Model Maddison Gabriel studies at Elanora State High School.

Australian Air Force Cadets[edit]

On Tuesday between the times of 1745 and 2100 the 213 Squadron of the Australian Air Force Cadets parade on the school grounds.[2]

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