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Electronics for Imaging, Inc.
Type Public
Industry Computer Peripherals
Founded 1989 (1989)
Founder(s) Efi Arazi
Headquarters Fremont, California, U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Key people Guy Gecht CEO
Revenue Increase US$ 652 million (FY 2013)
Profit Increase US$ 24.5 million (FY 2013)
Employees 2300 (2013)
Website Efi.com

Electronics for Imaging, Inc. (EFI) is a global company headquartered in Silicon Valley's Fremont, California that provides products, services and technology, leading the transformation of analog to digital imaging.[1][2] EFI develops hardware and software technologies that transform digital copiers and printers into fast, high-quality network printers.[3]  Their product line includes Fiery® Digital Print Solutions, VUTEk® and Wide Format Digital Inkjet Solutions, Jetrion® UV lnkjet Systems,  business automation software, corporate, enterprise, and mobile cloud solutions.[4][5][6][7][8] As of December, 2012 the company’s revenue was reported to be $652 million.[9]



In 1988, Efi Arazi, founder of Scitex Corporation, formed EFI - which opened its first office in North Beach, San Francisco with 18 employees.[10][11]  It started out focusing on four products: The Eport Color Server, a system that would move color between different desktop publishing and printing devices; the Fiery Controller, a device that would allow color copiers to function as color computer printers; Cachet, a software product that would allow desktop publishers to preview and manipulate color images; and the Color Receiver, which would effectively link desktop publishing and commercial printing systems.[12]

Support from outside sources allowed EFI to show revenues of $3.7 million during its first two years.[13]  Through overseas expansion and the introduction of new technology, Electronics for Imaging was achieving explosive growth in the mid-1990s.[14]

In 1994, Fortune (magazine) named EFI the nation's fastest-growing public company.[15]

To date, EFI has over 30 offices and over 2,300 employees worldwide.[16][17]

Guy Gecht has been CEO since January 2000 and President since 2012.[18]

Business Units[edit]

EFI’s portfolio of integrated solutions increases productivity and improves net earnings.[19]  EFI’s best-of-class products, including their Inkjet Printing Solutions incorporating Job Definition Format (JDF), will help printers streamline their operations, increase their profitability and attract new business through value added services.[20]

EFI’s new Fiery Digital Print Servers deliver exceptional color, productivity, flexibility and security with innovative features users and customers in demanding corporate as well as creative color environments. This technology delivers consistent color across applications, computer platforms, color spaces, and color file formats.[21]

EFI’s line of print management solutions automates many of the processes that operators currently have to manage, integrating seamlessly for faster workflow.[22][23]

Operations and Growth[edit]

EFI invests 20% of its revenue towards the research and development of the next generation of products.[24]


EFI Connect is a valuable event for anyone currently using or considering investing in EFI’s solutions and would like to take a much closer look.[25]

Connect 2013 was the industry’s best venue for open dialogue and idea-exchange in 2013. Business leaders worldwide gathered to participate in over 150 educational sessions, received hands-on experience, discussed industry trends, networked with peers, voiced their opinions, and learned from others.[26] EFI Connect 2014 has been announced for January 21–24, 2014 at The Wynn, Las Vegas.[27]


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