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Discipline Art, Culture, Society
Language English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Edited by Cerise Phiv
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eRenlai is a monthly internet magazine concentrating on the cultural, social and spiritual concerns of contemporary Asia and throughout the world.[1] Each edition is published in English, traditional and simplified Chinese. eRenlai is also a network of readers and project builders who share insights, stories and resources as part of the Pan-Asian community.[2]


Renlai magazine is a Taipei-based monthly magazine written and published in traditional Chinese since January 2004. The magazine is edited by Renlai staff and the Taipei Ricci Institute and is published in association with the French Jesuit review Etudes. Renlai has been the Chinese partner to Etudes since 2005.[3] In 2006, the French sinologist, political scientist and director[4] of the Taipei Ricci Institute Benoît Vermander created eRenlai as an online version of the print magazine.[5] Renlai and eRenlai focus on questions of sustainable development, cultural diversity and the mobilization of spiritual resources in the Chinese world.


eRenlai is a Pan-Asian collection of cultural, social and spiritual concerns and seeks to foster interaction between the youth of Asia and the rest of the world. The magazine's editing line is to concentrate on the link between cultural diversity, sustainable development and spiritual empowerment. Each month’s edition focuses on a particular topic, often collaborating with Renlai magazine, and includes documentaries, animations and articles.[6] In addition, new articles and videos are uploaded regularly throughout the month. The site offers networking tools in English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.


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