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Eric S. Margolis (born 1942 or 1943)[1] is an American-born journalist and writer. For 27 years, ending in 2010,[2] he was a contributing editor to the Toronto Sun[3] chain of newspapers, writing mainly about the Middle East, South Asia and Islam. He contributes to the Huffington Post and appears frequently on Canadian television broadcasts, as well as on CNN.[4] A multinational, he holds residences in New York, Paris, Toronto[5] and Banff, Canada.[6] Margolis is the owner of Canadian vitamin manufacturer Jamieson Laboratories.[7]


Margolis was born in New York City in 1943 to Henry M. Margolis and Nexhmie Zaimi, an American-Albanian. His father was a New York businessman, restaurant owner, theatrical producer and investor, while his mother was a journalist and author.[5] Eric Margolis holds degrees from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and New York University MBA Program.[8]


Margolis writes a regular column for the Huffington Post and also writes for Dawn,[9] an English language Pakistani newspaper, the Gulf Times[10] in Qatar, the Khaleej Times[11] in Dubai, New York Times[12] and The American Conservative[13][14] . He appears regularly on such television outlets as CNN,[4] Fox, CBC,[4] British Sky Broadcasting News, NPR, and CTV.[15][16] He is a regular guest on the TV Ontario's The Agenda[17] after previously regularly appearing on its predecessor programme Studio 2.

He is affiliated with several organizations including International Institute of Strategic Studies[18] in London and the Institute of Regional Studies[4] based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Animal rights[edit]

Margolis and his wife Dana have been animal rights activists for several decades. Together they created the charity The Eric S. Margolis Family Foundation which works to prevent animal cruelty and focuses on issues such as factory farming, puppy mills, and elephant poaching.[19]

Political views[edit]

United States[edit]

Margolis identifies his politics as "Eisenhower Republican". Though his domestic political persuasion is moderately conservative (he is a staunch anti-communist and a supporter of capitalism), Margolis' views on the Middle East are sharply at odds with those of the neoconservatives.[20]

Margolis wrote about Barack Obama's election stating that:

Americans did not "liberate" Iraq, but they certainly liberated their own nation last week by sweeping the Republican Party from power. One prays America's long nightmare of foreign aggressions, fear, religious extremism, and flirting with neo-fascism is finally at an end.[21]

In a 2009 column, Margolis stated that an American politician he very much admires is Ron Paul.[22] Margolis wrote about Paul:

I came to deeply respect and admire Paul's courage, honesty, and his refusal to accept special interest money ... In fact, Rep. Paul has been a model of the type of legislators envisaged by America's founding fathers: men of high moral standards and intellect dedicated to the nation's wellbeing. He reminds me in many ways of the fiercely upright senators of the early Roman Republic.[22]

Margolis has said he rejects the Republican Party of 2010 due to the growing influence of the Tea Party movement, which he says now appeals to the fears and prejudices of its followers.[23]



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