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Ettela'at Newspaper
Newspaper's Logo
Type Daily
Publisher Iran Chap Organisation
Editor Mohmoud Doai
Staff writers Abbas Masoudi
Founded 10 July 1926; 88 years ago (1926-07-10)
Headquarters Tehran
Official website

Ettela'at (Persian: روزنامهٔ اطلاعات‎) is the oldest Iranian newspaper.


On 6 January 1978 a slanderous article appeared in Ettela'at suggesting Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini was a homosexual and a serving British agent.[1] The next day, clerics in Qom protested and the police demanded they disperse.[1] When they refused, police opened fire and at least twenty people were killed. Iranian media displayed outraged mounting tensions leading up to the 1979 Iranian Revolution.[1]

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