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Eugene Wilder Chafin (November 1, 1852 – November 30, 1920) was an United States politician from the Prohibition Party.[1] Chafin was born in East Troy, Wisconsin and worked as a lawyer in Waukesha, Wisconsin from 1876 to 1900.[2] He was the Prohibition Party candidate for Congress (Wisconsin) in 1882 and (Chicago) in 1902, for Attorney-General of Wisconsin in 1886 and 1900, for Governor of Wisconsin in 1898, and for Attorney-General of Illinois in 1904. In 1908 he was appointed to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States and in the following year moved to Arizona. While in Arizona he ran for that state's United States Senate Seat.

He was the Prohibition Party candidate for President of the United States in the 1908 election and 1912 election receiving 253,840 and 207,972 votes, respectively, approximately 1.5% each time.

Family tree[edit]

Robert Hunkins, Sr.
John Hunkins
Moses Chamberlain
Captain Robert Hunkins
Lydia Chamerlain
Robert Hastings Hunkins
Hannah Emerson
Eugene W. Chafin
Carrie Arvilla Hunkins
Benjamin Hunkins
Desdemona Eleanor Chafin

Books by E. W. Chafin[edit]

  • Voters' Handbook, (1876)
  • Lives of the Presidents, (1896)
  • Lincoln, the Man of Sorrow, (1908)
  • Washington as a Statesman, (1909)

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