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Eumeswil is a 1977 novel by the German author Ernst Jünger. The narrative is set in an undatable post-apocalyptic world, somewhere in present-day Morocco. It follows the inner and outer life of Manuel Venator, an historian in the city-state of Eumeswil who also holds a part-time job in the night bar of Eumeswil's ruling tyrant, the Condor.[1][2]


The key theme in the novel is the figure of the anarch, the inwardly-free individual who lives quietly and dispassionately within but not of society and the world. As Jünger says in the book, the anarch is the positive counterpart of the insurrectional anarchist.[citation needed] The concept of the anarch is developed explicitly and implicitly throughout the novel through the reflections and actions of Manuel Venator. Venator and the anarch may be considered as autobiographical reflections of the author himself.[citation needed]


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