Every (surname)

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Family name
Region of origin England, Wales
Language(s) of origin English
Related names Everiy, Everye, Evry, Everie, Evarie, Avery, Avary, Yvery

Every is a surname. Eber or Ivri was the descendent of Noah's son Shem and the ancestor of Abraham. In modern Hebrew Evry is actually the word for "Hebrew". Eber's name is found on some of the earliest known examples of Sumerian writing. It may be of Norman origin and derived from "Évreux", a county in Normandy.[1] The Every baronets of Eggington are claimed to be a branch of the noble house of Yvery, of Norman extraction.[2] The earliest surviving records of the name "Every" date to 12 April 1591, when one John Every married Elizabeth Ouzely at St Dunstan's, Stepney.[1]



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