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Single by Stevie Wright
from the album Hard Road
A-side "Evie" (part one)
B-side "Evie" (part two and three)
Released 1974
Format 7 inch
Genre Hard rock, Blues rock, (Part 1) Soft Rock, (Part 2) Rock. (Part 3)
Length 11:11
Label Albert
Writer(s) Harry Vanda, George Young
Song by The Wrights
Released 2005
Genre Rock

"Evie" is an Australian rock song released as a single in 1974 by Australian singer and former frontman of The Easybeats, Stevie Wright. It was written by Harry Vanda and George Young. It is reportedly the only 11-minute song to chart at #1 anywhere in the world.[citation needed]

The song features three parts and some critics[citation needed] consider it as one of the most perfect rock n' roll songs ever, encapsulating the three basic themes of all love songs (I) Baby it'll be great once we're together (Let Your Hair Hang Down), (II) Baby, it's so great now that we're together (Oh Evie... I'm nothing without you), (III) Baby, it's so bad since you left me (I'm Losing You). However, the loss in this case is more tragic than the usual "boy loses girl" scenario - it describes the singer's emotions following Evie's death in childbirth.

Part One is a guitar driven, hard rocking and bluesy, swaggering and swayful song, sort of like Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin, except without the theremin led breakdown. Part Two is more piano and string based, a much softer rock song, very tragic, sort of like Angie by The Rolling Stones. Part Three is not so soft as Part Two, not so hard as Part One, being quicker, a relatively urgent and guitar driven track, urgent and musically like We've Gotta Get Out of This Place by The Animals, however a very lyrically different song to any other.

Part One by itself proved a big hit when it was released. The Wrights recorded a cover version of the song in 2005.

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