F.T.W. (film)

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Directed by Michael Karbelnikoff
Written by Mickey Rourke, Mari Kornhauser
Starring Lori Singer, Brion James, Mickey Rourke
Release dates
Running time
100 min.
Language English

F.T.W. (aka Last Ride) is a 1994 film about Frank T. Wells, an ex-con rodeo rider who becomes involved with a woman who's a bank robber on the run. The title of the film refers both to the main character's initials, and to a tattoo on Clem's hand, meaning "Fuck The World".


Frank T. Wells (Mickey Rourke) is released from prison after a 10-year sentence that resulted from a bar fight. An ex-rodeo champion, he then goes back to his life, meeting with old acquaintances and getting his old truck back. He lives as a cowboy, riding his newly found horse Angel, living in the country in his van and making a living from rodeo events.

His story is intertwined with the story of Scarlett Stuart (Lori Singer), amateur auto-repair mechanist who lives with her sexually-abusive brother Clem (Peter Berg). The two of them including Joe Palmieri (John Enos III) decide to rob a bank. The job goes through and 8 policemen are killed in the process. Trying to hide in a motel, they are then found by the police, who kill Clem and Joe during a shootout, while Scarlett manages to escape.

On his way to his van, Frank meets Scarlett who, startled and afraid at first, agrees to help him by fixing his broken truck. In return, he offers the emotionally disturbed woman to escape her problems with him.

Scarlett has a tattoo "F.T.W.", standing for "Fuck The World," and because these are the same initials of Frank's name, she believes that they are meant to be together, and they begin to have a relationship.

Living together, they try to make ends meet while laying low from the authorities, but it is more easily said than done, as Scarlett tries to support herself by means of armed robbery.


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