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This article is about the suburb in Norfolk. For the hamlet in Essex, see Fairstead, Essex.

The Fairstead Estate is a suburb of King's Lynn, Norfolk, England.

Location and brief history[edit]

The Fairstead Estate is located about three kilometres to the South-East of King's Lynn's town-centre. The area is known locally as The Fairstead or just Fairstead. It is a late 20th-century development, the result of an overspill agreement that the borough council had with the Greater London Council in 1962; it commenced Lynn’s second industrial revolution (light engineering, chemicals, clothing, food processing).[citation needed] Fairstead was once a large farm of the same name; it is believed that the farmhouse is still standing, but has been converted into a pub.[citation needed]


Fairstead has two schools, Fairstead County Primary School, a very large primary school, and Churchill Park School, which was completed in 2010 and is a merger of Alderman Jackson and Ethel Tipple Schools.

Fairstead has its own minor shopping zone, called Centre Point in which there is a doctor's surgery, a chemist and about 4-6 other shops. It also includes a community hall that has a variety of uses, including being the former headquarters of St Ann’s Garrison, a local RPG and war games club. At the other end of the estate there is a convenience store.

Fairstead has a small wooded area extending from the front of the school area and also a map of the area on the road side further towards to one entrance.

The pub has been knocked down as the residents complained of it being an eyesore this was done through the Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk and West Norfolk police safer neighbourhood teams. Affordable housing is to be built on the site of the old pub.

Fairstead has its own website - http://www.fairstead.org - where local residents talk about local issues.

Coordinates: 52°45′10″N 0°26′08″E / 52.752666°N 0.435651°E / 52.752666; 0.435651