Flea allergy dermatitis

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Flea allergy dermatitis is an eczematous itchy skin disease of dogs and cats.

Dog with flea allergy dermatitis and secondary folliculitis

For both of these domestic species flea allergy dermatitis is the most common cause of skin disease. Affected animals develop allergic reactions to chemicals in flea saliva. Symptoms of this reaction include erythema (redness), papules (bumps), pustules (pus-filled bumps), crusts (scabs) also if severe, hair loss will occur in affected area.[1] Dogs with flea allergy dermatitis often show hair loss and eczematous skin rash on the lower back, upper tail, neck and down the back of the legs. Cats with flea allergy dermatitis may develop a variety of skin problems, including feline eosinophilic granuloma, miliary dermatitis or self-inflicted alopecia from excessive grooming.

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