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Fletcher High School (19°30'55"S 29°51'14"E) is a school in Gweru, Zimbabwe. It was one of the first boarding schools during the colonial era prior to black independence in Zimbabwe and it was opened in 1957. The first principal was Mr D Davies.[1] It was established as a boys school but is now currently a co-ed school after it opened its doors to the first group of female students in 1982.

Academic education[edit]

The school offers secondary education starting from the first year of secondary education (form 1), up to the last year of secondary education (form 6). Students in their fourth year of secondary education (form 4) and their sixth year (form 6), write the local national examinations in line with the Zimbabwean secondary school education system.

Notable alumni[edit]

Various notable Zimbabweans have attended this school since its establishment, including

  • Kenny “Konscious” Chivizhe Popular Zimbabwean stand up comedian.[2]
  • The late Stan Mudenge, former politician who served in the government of Zimbabwe as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1995 to 2005 and as Minister of Higher Education from 2005 to 2008.Mr Peter muchengeti also had his studies
  • Obert Gutu current Deputy minister of Justice and Legal affairs in the Zimbabwean government.[3]

Cde Mumbengegwi, Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs Minister and former Diplomat also learnt there.


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