Flock of Angels

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Flock of Angels
Flock of Angels Manga Volume 1.jpg
English cover of Flock of Angels volume 1
(Tenshi no Mure)
Genre Science fantasy
Written by Shoko Hamada
Published by Asahi Sonorama
English publisher
Demographic Shōjo
Original run October 2003December 2005
Volumes 3
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Flock of Angels (天使の群れ Tenshi no Mure?) is a shōjo manga by Shoko Hamada and published by Asahi Sonorama. It was licensed and published into English for North America by Aurora Publishing in November 2007 under the Aurora imprint.

A pop band called Angelaid creates a fashion amongst their fans to wear angel wings. This permits sufferers of angelosis, a stigmatised disease which causes angel wings to sprout from people's backs, to hide their affliction. Shea suddenly sprouts angel wings, and his brother tapes Shea's wings and sends it into the news, so Shea becomes a government spokesman on accepting angelosis.


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