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Written by Alice Gerstenberg, 1920
  • Dunham
  • Mrs. Pringle
  • Elaine

Fourteen is a play by Alice Gerstenberg. This one act play was originally published in the February issue of Drama magazine, 1920. It is now a public domain work and may be performed without royalties.


The play has mainly three characters:

  • Dunham
  • Mrs. Pringle
  • Elaine


Mrs Pringle hosts a dinner party.[1][2][3]

Media articles[edit]

Some notable references on the play from media articles are as follows:

One Act Play Festival attracts five plays to Elliot Lake stage-"They were followed by STW's performance of Alice Gerstenberg's 1920 play Fourteen.The period piece, a comedy, had the story's characters continually reset a dining table set for a fine dinner for 14 people. However, during the play, the telephone rang several times with people cancelling for various reasons. The mother (Sonya Ostrowski-Masotti) and daughter (Kirsty Wilson) were in a panic trying to get what was considered a proper number of people to the table so everyone would be in their proper place."—Elliot Lake Standard - Apr 23, 2012[4]

A Woman’s Worth in Love, Marriage, Friendship, Murder-"The pieces are dated, some delightfully, like Gerstenberg’s “Fourteen,” about a society matron whose dinner party is threatened by a blizzard, and some hopelessly, like Bryant’s piece “The Game,” in which Life and Death compete for Youth, a poet, and The Girl, a dancer."-New York Times - Sep 12, 2007[5]

Scholarly articles[edit]

Some notable references on the play from scholarly articles are as follows:

"In Fourteen, published originally in The Drama, not because of which fact I put myself on record as saying it belongs in the a class of her plays; The Potboiler, an amusing satire on temper- ament as applied to actors, author, and manager in rehearsal; Hearts, a character study of four women of fashion at a bridge table—I need not say more—; and He Said and She Said, Miss Gerstenberg gives proof however that she is not bound around with the woolen string of mysticism." -- The Drama Magazine[6]

"A recent program included Nevertheless, by Stuart Walker[disambiguation needed], one of his most delightful Portmanteau Plays, and two comedies by Alice Gerstenberg: Fourteen, portraying the contretemps of a dinner party, and The Pot Boiler, a burlesque on the modern playwright and acting." -- Education Bulletin[7]


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