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François Linke was a French cabinetmaker and furniture maker of Czech origin (born in 1855 in Pankraz in Bohemia, and died in Paris in 1946 ).


Linke began his apprenticeship in Bohemia at the age of 13 years and worked in Prague, Vienna and Budapest before reaching Paris in 1875. In 1881 he created his own workshop at 170 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine.

Linke combined the styles of the eighteenth century with the then popular style of art nouveau, and created several furniture pieces. referenced the Regency and Rococo styles for his furniture. Linke received the gold medal for his "Grand Bureau" in 1900 for the Universal Exhibition in Paris. The popularity of his piece attracted new clients who commissioned him.

He opened a showroom in Place Vendôme and had growing success until the second world war.


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