Francesco Mangione

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Francesco Mangione
Born 23 July 1957 (56 Years Old)
Sicily, Italy
Occupation State Electricity Commission of Victoria, Ice Cream Van Operator.
Criminal penalty
22 years imprisonment, 18 years non-parole.
Conviction(s) Murder

Francesco Mangione is an Italian-born Australian, convicted of the murder of his 26 year old cousin, Denis Giunta on 5 February 2002 in his Williamstown home.[1]

Early life[edit]

Mangione, of Moonee Ponds, Victoria was born 23 July 1957 in Sicily. In 1969 he came to Australia. Apprenticed to the former State Electricity Commission of Victoria, he was in 1978 named by the Industrial Training Commission of Victoria as the outstanding radio tradesman apprentice of that year.[2][3][4] He departed the SECV in 1989 and began operating an icecream van. In 1992 Mangione was arrested and detained, but he was later released due to there being no evidence to support charges over a missing six-year-old girl found in his icecream van.[5] In 1993 an incident occurred between his family and that of Giunta, also an icecream van operator, escalating a turf war which included a violent fight between Mangione and Giunta.


On 5 February 2002, Giunta returned home from work. After showering he stepped naked into the bedroom where his wife lay sleeping and Mangione lay in wait. Mangione then attacked Giunta slashing, stabbing and hacking at him with a homemade sword. Giunta's wife, Laura, awakened by her husband's screams, escaped via the bedroom's balcony leading to the outside garage roof where she leapt to the ground, breaking her leg, requiring further hospitalisation for 21 days and in need of a wheelchair and crutches upon her release. Giunta died at the scene from massive injuries.[6]


The trial lasted 10 days. On 13 February 2004, Mangione was found guilty by a jury and sentenced by Justice David Harper to 22 years imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 18 years.

On 21 February 2006, the Supreme Court of Victoria Court of Appeal dismissed Mangione's appeal against the severity of his sentence. Mangione continues to maintain his innocence. He is imprisoned at Barwon Prison.


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