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Franco Maria Ricci (born December 2, 1937) is an Italian publisher. Among his publications is FMR, an art magazine published six times yearly in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish, based in Milan, Italy. He is known for publishing limited editions honoring particular independent artists, which are characterized by their tinted handmade paper, and black silk-bound hardcovers with silver or gold lettering stamping.

FMR magazine[edit]

The first issue of FMR was published in 1984. "FMR" stands for the publisher's initials that once pronounced in French, it appears to read ephémère (transitory). Praised by critics as "the most beautiful magazine in the world", it acts as a model for perfection, presenting noteworthy iconological and art historical studies without being pedantic. It is known for its magnificent, large photographs, and exquisite drawings, faithfully reproduced on a black background.

The Franco Maria Ricci Editori, a division of the publishing house, published some of Guido Crepax's books.

Other publications[edit]

Ricci is known for publishing a few particularly famous works, among them the original edition of the Codex Seraphinianus and later reprints in Spanish and French.

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