Fred Duprez

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Fred Duprez
"Fred Duprez".jpg
Caricature by George Cooke, 1916: Copyright, V & A Museum
Born September 6, 1884
Detroit, Michigan, US
Died October 27, 1938
Shipboard, en route to UK
Occupation Actor, comedian and writer

Fred Duprez (September 6, 1884 – October 27, 1938) was an American film actor and comedian, who appeared mainly in British films.[1] He was also a writer, and wrote the popular stage farce My Wife's Family,[2] filmed three times in Britain, firstly in 1931;[3] once in Sweden in 1932 ; and once in Finland, in 1933.[4]

Fred Duprez was born in Detroit, Michigan. He died from a heart attack on board a ship en route to England. He was the father of the actress, June Duprez.[5]

Selected filmography[edit]


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