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Developer(s) Jirko Cernik alias Sotrax
Publisher(s) Intercyloon
Platform(s) Web browser
Release date(s) 10.11.2003
Genre(s) MMORPG
Distribution Text and images

Freewar /ˈfrwɔr/ (short FW) is a browser-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), developed by a German software development team. Since 2003, it has been led by the initiator of the "hobby" project, Jirko Cernik (nickname Sotrax). In total there are 14 to 17 different servers[1] and more than 100,000 registered accounts. Freewar is one of the most popular German-browser games. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world. It is similar to Darkfleet, which plays in the same universe, but is set 10,000 years later. The game is available in two languages, German and English.

Game worlds[edit]

The game, designed in the fantasy style, consists of a variety of landscapes in a virtual world with names like Konlir or Lorania. Players gradually move from room to room on a card made up of square boxes. Then they can play against other players or non-player characters (NPCs). They fight, gain experience, and earn gold for solving quests. Characters can buy, use, sell, or trade weapons, spells and objects (items).

Special features[edit]

Freewar runs in real time and is a role-playing video game. You can either travel the world (for example, as a trader, fighter or tissue researcher) or residence (for example, as a stockbroker). Characters can learn skills that will enable them to pay for certain services, such as more gold received for completed orders. Players can join or form clans and small groups in order to defeat stronger enemies. There are buildings with special features, such as an auction hall, stock exchange, market hall, stores with varying prices, and buildings that regularly produce raw materials.

Game chat is integrated into various "channels". One can, for example, communicate internally within a clan, converse with another player on the same field, or talk to people on their friend lists.

In the 2007 vote for "super browser game" organized by Games Dynamite, Freewar was awarded second place in the big Browser Games (over 10,000 players) category.[2]


Registration and participation are free. By so-called sponsorship (a payment of €10 per month for 4 months) you can purchase special features. Some examples would be a queue for the time-based nature of learning skills, the possibility to change to a different race or to change the player's nickname and sex. It is possible to purchase sponsorship for other players by using virtual money. The operator places a high value on benefits such as sponsors obtaining higher attack values.


In addition to the traditional game, there is an RPG World (often abbreviated to RP) with special rules. Moderators enforce special rules, involving things like names that could disrupt the role-playing experience, or speaking only in character without reference to real life. The moderators or guards of this world provide people with unique quests to ensure that the well-known pen-and-paper RPG-style quests must be solved by the players. This is different from tasks in other worlds in terms of duration, content and rewards. The RPG world is unlike the standard version of the game fee.

Additionally, there is a world for Freewar called Action Freewar (commonly shortened to AF). This world is currently reset every 5 months. It is different from the normal Freewar world in that it has a higher respawn rate of NPCs. Also, more money is accumulated from killing these enemies.


The name Freewar is derived from the domain, which Sotrax had originally registered in 2003 as an attempt to intercept requests from people on the Internet for Freeware-programs. However, he made a typo when registering the domain. Later on he noticed that the name fit well with an unnamed game he recently programmed. Sotrax ran the Alpha version of the game under the domain This name became permanent, and Sotrax kept Freewar as the name for the game. This name has been a trademark at the German Patent and Trade Mark Officesince 2006(registration number 30631611).

Freewar meeting[edit]

To promote social contact between the Freewar community outside the virtual world as well as to organize dedicated players, Freewar meetings have taken place for several years. Meetings are usually held in Germany twice a year. Locations vary, and popularity is increasing. Several dozen regular players from Germany, Austria and Switzerland travel to these meetings.

The most recent meeting was in Heldrungen in June 2010. At that time, Freewar had about 100 registered players.


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