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Frieling USA is an American manufacturing and distribution company whose focus is on high-end kitchen and hospitality products, serveware and coffee/tea accessories for home and commercial use. Founded by Monika and Bernard Schnacke in 1988, Frieling USA has strategic international alliances with Emsa, Cilio, Zielonka, Durgol, Sitram and Swissgold to manufacture its products. The company’s headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Frieling USA produces the patented Milk Chiller, the first NSF approved and certified countertop appliance for commercial use that cools and serves dairy products at food-safe temperatures. The company also markets a line of environmentally friendly air cleansers. These products contain stainless steel alloy discs that are designed to neutralize odor-causing molecules when partially immersed in water and exposed to oxygen.[citation needed]

Frieling is well known[citation needed] for The Perfect Beaker (a measuring device), their Handle-It Glass Bottom Springform Pan, the Flow Glass Carafe (Best new product of the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show NYC 2009), the Eleganza dishwasher safe insulated server, and their famous line of 4 different size stainless steel French Presses. Durgol Express and Durgol Swiss Espresso have become the market leader in countries around the world as one of the fastest (5-10 times faster than other brands) environmentally friendly decalcifier on the market.[citation needed]

The Sitram cookware line is favored by many of the world's top executive chefs.[who?]


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