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GTR and GT-R can refer to:

Motor vehicles[edit]

Computing and gaming[edit]



Mathematics, medicine and science[edit]

  • Generalised time reversible Substitution model describes the process from which a sequence of characters of a fixed size from some alphabet changes into another set of traits
  • General Theory of Relativity, also known as general relativity – abbreviated GR
  • Guided bone regeneration or Guided Tissue Regeneration, a surgical procedure that uses barrier membranes to direct growth of new tissue
  • Greater than


  • GTR (band), founded by guitarists Steve Hackett and Steve Howe
  • GTR, an abbreviation for guitar

Other transportation[edit]


  • In the D.I.C.E. (TV series), an acknowledgement response used by D.I.C.E. members, which is similar to FAB in the Thunderbirds TV series
  • Global Technical Regulation(s), a set of vehicle legislative requirements that are being created by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations
  • GPS Timing Receiver, specialized GPS receivers that can provide timing with an accuracy better than 100 nanoseconds
  • GTR-18A, also DGTR-18A and Smokey Sam, an inert training rocket, developed at the U.S. Naval Weapons Center, for simulating surface-to-air missile launches
  • SMS language for Got To Run
  • GTR Group, the company presently known as Mad Catz
  • Green tree reservoir