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Gad Tsobari (sometimes Tsabari, Zobari, or Zabari) (born January 30, 1944) is an Israeli-born light-flyweight freestyle wrestler and a member of Israel's 1972 Olympic team. He finished 12th (of 50) in his event,[1] and was considered a possible medal threat at the Montreal Games of 1976. Tsobari was the only survivor of the six athletes housed in Apartment 3 at 31 Connollystraße, which was the second apartment taken by Arab terrorists in the early morning hours of September 5, 1972 in an event called the Munich massacre.

Although he was originally taken hostage by the Black September terrorists, Tsobari was able to escape with the help of his already-wounded coach, Moshe Weinberg, who attacked the terrorists and received fatal gunshot wounds in the process. While Weinberg was fighting the terrorists, Tsobari dashed down a flight of stairs and through an underground garage, even as one of the terrorists pursued and shot after him. Tsobari found his way to the Olympic Village security building, where he informed officials about the break-in at the Israeli quarters.[citation needed]

Nearly 18 hours later, Tsobari and the rest of the Israeli Olympians not taken hostage watched the helicopters take off for Fürstenfeldbruck airbase, where the massacre would occur.

He is uncle of Shahar Tzuberi.