Garfield's Holiday Celebrations

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DVD cover art

Garfield's Holiday Celebrations is a DVD compilation of the 3 Garfield holiday specials, Garfield's Halloween Adventure, Garfield's Thanksgiving, and A Garfield Christmas. This DVD was released October 16, 2004.

Garfield's Halloween Adventure[edit]

Garfield is awakened by the Binky The Clown Show and learns that it is Halloween. Garfield enlists Odie's help in Trick-or-treating, hoping to get twice as much candy for himself by fooling Odie into saying that "good dogs get one piece of candy". After trying on different costumes in the attic, Garfield and Odie settle on pirate costumes.

Soon they are out trick-or-treating amongst other children in the neighborhood. After three encounters with what appear to be real ghosts and goblins in costume, the pair find that they have visited every house in the neighborhood. Garfield notices more houses across the river, so he and Odie take a boat to get to the other side (because the river ferry doesn't run at night and that is why children on either side can't cross the river for more candy), but Odie misunderstands Garfield's command to "put out the oars" and throws the oars overboard, leaving the boat adrift as the current takes it down the river.

Soon the boat arrives at an abandoned dock near a run-down mansion. Garfield and Odie venture inside the home to warm next to the fireplace and are startled to find an old man sitting in a nearby chair. The man tells the pair that they have chosen the wrong night to visit - 100 years ago that very night, pirates, pursued by government troops, buried their treasure in the floor of the mansion and signed a blood oath to return for the treasure at midnight 100 years later, even if it meant rising from the grave. The old man claimed to be the cabin boy, now 110 years old, who was with the pirates and that he never took the treasure for himself because the pirates would've tracked him down and that "they know we are here, they know where we are". Before Garfield and Odie can leave, the old man steals their boat and leaves the two behind.

The clock chimes midnight and Garfield and Odie watch as a ghostly ship materializes on the river and pirate ghosts emerge from the water. Garfield and Odie hide in an empty cupboard as the ghosts reclaim their buried treasure from the floorboards of the house. As the cat and dog stay where they are, one of the ghosts blow the dust off of the treasure chest and it goes into Odie's nose. When Odie sneezes, it alerts the ghosts to their whereabouts. Making a run for it, Garfield and Odie jump into the river to escape, where Odie has to save Garfield as he cannot swim.

Garfield and Odie wash ashore and find their boat with the candy still inside and untouched. They go home happy and Garfield rewards Odie's rescue by (reluctantly) giving him his rightful share of the ½ of the candy. Garfield then turns on the television and sees the same old man, (this time wearing the pirate hat Garfield lost while in the river) hosting an all-night pirate movie festival. Garfield abruptly turns off the television and goes to bed.

Garfield's Thanksgiving[edit]

Garfield (voiced by Lorenzo Music) wakes Jon up from bed and makes Jon make him pancakes (as said by Garfield "Pancakes the size of Austrilia"). Then he discoveres that he has to go to the vet on the day before Thanksgiving. He tries to fool Jon (voiced by Thom Huge) by ripping out the calendar day.

Jon and Garfield go to the store to buy food for Thanksgiving. Jon makes a left with Garfield saying "This isn't the way home.". Garfield discovers his plan failed with Jon saying "We're going to the vet, Garfield." Garfield freaks out and the car goes out of control (it even crashes a little bit).

While at the vet, Jon tries to ask Liz to dinner the next day, but she turns him down. Jon decides to hold his breath while she details the diet that Garfield must go on. Both he and Garfield faint. Liz changes her mind about the date (saying "I hate to see a grown man suffer").

At home, Odie uses a whistle to hassle Garfield into his diet (he discovers it was Jon's idea.) Garfield gets his revenge and becomes a sourpuss, destroys his scale and ruins the vegetables.

Liz arrives and realizes the diet is too strict for Garfield. With clues, Garfield gets Jon to call Grandma, who saves the day. Jon gets a kiss on the cheek from Liz and Garfield goes back to tormenting Odie.

A Garfield Christmas[edit]

Garfield wakes up to see Jon dressed as an elf, who says it is Christmas and Garfield must be treated to a large amount of lasanga and get his gift, which consists of a robotic Santa which reads minds and produces whatever Garfield wants, pleasing him.

Garfield wakes up and sees Jon say it is Christmas Eve and that Garfield, Jon, and Odie are going to the countryside to celebrate Christmas with Jon's family on their farm. Garfield hates the farm.

Jon, Odie, and Garfield get to the farm and meet sweet and always cooking Mom, hard working farmer Dad, mischievous younger brother Doc Boy, and the tough as nails Grandma (This special is Jon's family's debut appearance in cartoon). Meanwhile Odie is busy working on something secretive. Grandma and Garfield eventually grow a special bond. That night Garfield finds out about Odie's suspicious activity and follows him into the barn. While there he stumbles upon some old letters.

The next morning is Christmas and just when it seems like all the presents have been opened, Garfield gives Grandma the letters he found in the barn. These letters were love letters written to Grandma by her late husband from when they first met and courted. Garfield finds out that Odie had been busy making Garfield the ultimate Christmas gift: a homemade back scratcher. This is a rare glimpse at Garfield's other side, as he learns one of the true meanings of Christmas.