Gaston Crémieux

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Gaston Crémieux, born Isaac Louis Gaston (22 June 1836 in Nîmes (France) - 30 November 1871 in Marseille), was a lawyer, a journalist and a French writer. He distinguished himself by defending poor people, supporting Gambetta and Garibaldi. He lead the League of the South (France) with Esquiros and Bastelica . In 1871 he became head of the Marseille's Commune. This democratic uprising (in conjunction with the Paris Commune) repressed in the blood by General Espivent, Gaston Cremieux was sentenced to death by a military Court and died at thirty-five years. His mercy having been refused by Thiers and the commission with which he was surrounded. Celebrated by Victor Hugo, Louise Michel, and Jean Jaurès, his memory remains alive even today.