Gauss Peninsula

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Gauss Peninsula is located in Greenland
Gauss Peninsula
Gauss Peninsula
Location within Greenland

Gauss Peninsula is a peninsula in eastern Greenland. It is located on the coast of Greenland Sea in the Northeast Greenland National Park, between Muskusoksefjord and Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord.


The second German North Polar Expedition 1869–70 originally gave the name Cap Gauss to a point on the south side of this peninsula, but A.G. Nathorst’s 1899 expedition was unable to determine the position because of the rounding of the coast and applied the name Gauss Halfö to the peninsula as a whole. It is named for the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss.

Coordinates: 73°30′N 23°10′W / 73.500°N 23.167°W / 73.500; -23.167