Genie Backup Manager

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Genie Backup Manager
Developer(s) Genie-Soft
Stable release 8.0.326.496 / May 4, 2008
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Backup
License Commercial

Genie Backup Manager, developed by Genie-soft Inc, is a backup software for Microsoft Windows operating systems that can back up and restore the whole system (Operating System, Applications, Documents, E-mails, Settings, Files/Folders, etc.) to many local and remote devices including internal and external hard disks, Iomega REV Disks, FTP locations, online, across network, and removable media.

The software has two interfaces, a "normal" interface and a "simple" interface, which has a more appealing appearance but fewer advanced options. The software permits backups in standard .zip files or a proprietary format, the latter of which includes an encryption option. An optional supplementary piece of software permits backups of open files.


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