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Godspeed, a phrase meaning "God spede you" or "God prosper you," may refer to:





  • "Godspeed (Sweet Dreams)" a song on The Dixie Chicks album Home
  • "Godspeed", featured in a 1999 BT album the Movement in Still Life
  • Godspeed EP, a song and EP by the alternative rock group Anberlin
  • "Godspeed", a song by Masami Okui, also the name of her 2006 album
  • "Godspeed Into The Future", a song by Saybia on the Eyes on the Highway album
  • "Godspeed", a song by zZz
  • "God Speed", a song by Patti Smith, originally the B-side of "Because the Night", later added to her 1978 album Easter
  • "Godspeed", a song by Jenny Lewis on the album Acid Tongue.
  • "Godspeed", a song by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on the album Lonely Road.
  • "Godspeed", a song by Ozark Henry
  • "Godspeed", a song by Modeselektor
  • "Godspeed", a song by Anberlin on 2007 album Cities
  • "God Speed You To Earth", a song by The Bevis Frond on the 1991 album New River Head
  • "Godspeed", a song by Throwdown
  • "Godspeed", a song by Meleeh on the 2005 Another Low, A New Hollow.
  • "Godspeed", a song by Pro-Pain on the 2004 album Fistful of Hate
  • "Godspeed Into the Mainstream" is a song by Danish synthrock-band, Spleen United
  • "Godspeed Us to Sea", a song by Every Time I Die
  • "Godspeed", a song by Hip Hop duo All Natural on the 2001 album Second Nature
  • "God-Speed-You", a song by the Japanese Jet Rock band Guitar Wolf on their album Rock'N'Roll Etiquette released in Japan in February 2000, and later in the U.S. on October 19, 2004
  • "Godspeed!", a concert band piece by Stephen Melillo (nl)



  • "GODspeed", FTP client for JTAG/RGH Xbox 360 consoles mercenaryntx