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The Rock Garden at the Gothenburg Botanical Garden.
The entrance of Gothenburg Botanical Garden

The Gothenburg Botanical Garden (Swedish: Göteborgs botaniska trädgård) is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is one of the leading botanical gardens in Europe.[citation needed]


It was planned by the city council, created thanks to generous donors, and inaugurated in 1923 when Gothenburg celebrated its 300th anniversary.

One of the prominent botanists who created the garden was Carl Skottsberg, who made several research trips around the globe to collect the rare plants of the garden.


The total area is 175 hectares (ca 430 acres),[1] of which most constitutes a nature reserve, Änggården, including an arboretum.

The garden proper is about 40 hectares and there are 16,000 different species. The Rock Garden has received two stars in the Michelin Green Guide. Other sights worth seeing are The Rhododendron Valley, the Japanese Glade and the greenhouses with about 4,000 various plants, including some 1,500 orchids, a remarkable tufa apartment and the rare Easter Island Tree, Sophora toromiro.

The Gothenburg Botanical Garden was named[by whom?] The Most Beautiful Garden in Sweden in 2003.

The Botanical Garden has two stars in the Michelin Green Guide.

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Coordinates: 57°40′51″N 11°57′17″E / 57.6808°N 11.9546°E / 57.6808; 11.9546