Gregory Scott Aldering

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Asteroids discovered: 4
(9004) 1982 UZ2 October 22, 1982
(17398) 1982 UR2 October 20, 1982
(19951) 1982 UW2 October 20, 1982
(100001) 1982 UC3 October 20, 1982

Gregory Scott Aldering (born December 11, 1960), also known simply as Greg Aldering is an American astronomer, currently with the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory. As a high school student in Bridgeport, Michigan, he was an avid amateur astronomer and showed a particular aptitude for scientific studies in his studies of variable stars. Currently, his interests center on cosmology, including measurement of the cosmological parameters, the exploration of the nature of the "dark energy" and the large-scale distribution of matter in the universe. His current cosmological studies focus on the use of Type Ia supernovae as tools for determining the cosmological parameters, through his participation in the Supernova Cosmology Project. He is now the primary investigator of the Nearby Supernova Factory experiment, and is also a co-investigator on the Supernova / Acceleration Probe.

While an undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1979–1983), he discovered a few asteroids. He has so far classified some 266 supernovae, and is one of the co-discoverers of SN 2002bk.

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