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Gridiron may refer to:

  • Gridiron (cooking), type of grill that can be used to cook meat, vegetables, fruits, legumes or other food over a fire; most of the other usages derive from this term due to their fancied resemblance

Gridiron may also refer to:


Sports and games[edit]

  • Gridiron, a term for the field marked with yard-lines on which American and Canadian codes of football are played
    • Gridiron football, umbrella term used to refer to the several codes of football which use a gridiron field
    • Gridiron Enterprises, a sports consulting company noted for owning the patent for Arena Football
  • Gridiron (card game), a football themed collectible card game
  • Hash marks, in ice hockey and gridiron football
  • GridIron Master, a board game


Arts and entertainment[edit]

Architecture and engineering[edit]

  • Gridiron plan, in urban planning, a system that describes an ordered arrangement of streets in a regular grid pattern, intersecting at right angles
  • In theatres, a metal framework suspended above the stage from which lights and other items are hung
  • Gridiron pendulum, a part of a pendulum clock as designed by John Harrison
  • In marine salvage, a ship, especially a wooden ship, at the end of its life is settled onto a gridiron to keep the hull clear

Other uses[edit]