Gulf of Santa Catalina

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Coordinates: 33°00′N 118°00′W / 33.000°N 118.000°W / 33.000; -118.000

The Gulf of Santa Catalina in Laguna Beach on sunset

The Gulf of Santa Catalina, also the Gulf of Catalina, is a gulf in the Pacific Ocean on the west coast of North America. The eastern coast of the gulf belongs to the states of California, United States, and Baja California, Mexico. The biggest town on the shore of the gulf is San Diego. The islands in the gulf include Santa Catalina Island.

The gulf is located in the seismically active area.[1]


The gulf was first navigated by European discoverers in 1542, when Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo sailed there from Navidad on the San Salvador and two other ships.[2]


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